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Current Job Openings at the Office of the Attorney General

Total Open Postings: 105, Number of Postings Shown: 105
Posting NumberTitlePosting DateMonthly SalaryDivisionLocationDocAction
19-0631Child Support Officer III2019-02-08 13:48:38.0$3,628.08Child Support - Special Collections 055AustinPDFApply
19-0887Child Support Officer II2019-04-30 08:39:44.0$3,333.33Child Support - Field Services 052AustinPDFApply
19-1121Child Support Officer II2019-07-01 14:11:37.0$3,333.33Child Support - Enterprise Customer Service Center El Paso 850El PasoPDFApply
19-1115Child Support Technician II2019-07-25 17:30:37.0$3,000.00Child Support - Special Services 054AustinPDFApply
19-2071Research Specialist III2019-09-04 09:54:37.0$4,583.34Open RecordsAustinPDFApply
19-2180Child Support Technician II2019-09-06 09:56:31.0$3,000.00Child Support - Special Services 054AustinPDFApply
20-0065Project Manager II2019-09-18 14:09:57.0$4,302.00-$5,400.00Child Support - Project Management Office 327AustinPDFApply
20-5001Child Support Officer II2019-09-30 14:42:16.0$3,333.33Child Support - Enterprise Customer Service Center San Antonio 250San AntonioPDFApply
20-0022Accountant II2019-10-04 09:00:04.0$2,875.00-$3,125.00Crime Victims ServicesAustinPDFApply
20-0111Child Support Officer I2019-10-04 12:46:15.0$3,333.33Child Support - Special Collections 055AustinPDFApply