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Current Job Openings at the Office of the Attorney General

Total Open Postings: 180, Number of Postings Shown: 180
Posting NumberTitlePosting DateMonthly SalaryDivisionLocationAction
19-0247Child Support Officer II2018-10-25 13:08:50.0$2,550.00-$3,055.00Child Support - Odessa 163OdessaPDF
19-0326Assistant Attorney General II-III2018-11-29 15:11:03.0$6,000.00-$7,000.00Tax DivisionAustinPDF
19-0481Child Support Officer II2019-01-07 12:56:42.0$2,550.00-$2,809.00Child Support - Enterprise Customer Service Center Pharr 357PharrPDF
19-0462Child Support Officer III2019-01-08 13:58:38.0$2,748.00-$2,955.00Child Support - Dallas Metro 0413DallasPDF
19-0575Child Support Officer II2019-01-29 16:42:19.0$2,550.00Child Support - Special Collections 590AustinPDF
19-0612Child Support Officer II2019-02-06 09:35:45.0$2,550.00Child Support - San Antonio Metro 219San AntonioPDF
19-0613Child Support Officer III2019-02-06 09:38:06.0$2,748.00-$3,162.00Child Support - San Antonio University Heights SF 235San AntonioPDF
19-0665Assistant Attorney General I-II2019-02-22 11:28:12.0$5,241.67-$5,326.37Child Support - Corpus Christi 304Corpus ChristiPDF
19-0656Child Support Officer III2019-02-22 11:35:30.0$2,748.00-$3,314.00Child Support - Dallas Metro 0413DallasPDF
19-0679Child Support Officer III2019-02-26 10:39:07.0$2,748.00-$3,126.00Child Support - Special Collections 590AustinPDF